Impressed by the sheer balls of Nintendo and Sakurai to do it

They also never told me what I got
August 15, 2014
To provide technology training to orphans
August 15, 2014

Impressed by the sheer balls of Nintendo and Sakurai to do it

Glancing around the room, Mikal waited for someone to let on that they knew what had just happened. Surely, one of these weathered gentlemen would provide some insight as to what the appropriate response should be. When he got no such indication, Mikal focused his glaze, pursed his lips, and nodded ever so slightly, hoping he was providing the correct amount of non reaction, hoping that he did not look as lost as the striped shirted fellow at the front who had obviously wandered in thinking he was at the pharmacy..

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It almost certainly not gonna happen, but imagine if Nintendo had the balls to select Jeanne as DLC to promote Bayonetta 3. And Sakurai had balls just as big to go along with it.Honestly if Jeanne was added as a unique DLC fighter, using more of the crazy weapons from the Bayo games, I just be impressed. Impressed by the sheer balls of Nintendo and Sakurai to do it.

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