But I think I’ve been able to tap into that with Emma that she

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July 6, 2014
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July 7, 2014

But I think I’ve been able to tap into that with Emma that she

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But it’s hard to see what quantum randomness has to do with randomness in the macroscopic world. Quantum uncertainty in the location of a penny is much smaller than one of the hairs on Lincoln’s head. It doesn’t seem likely that randomness in the quantum world is relevant to the realm of coins and dice and Wheel of Fortune.

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But the principal conundrum involves defining the “government” which we either support or oppose. The government composed of a vast defense and intelligence network (and “intelligence” broadly defined is now costing more than $70 billion a year including the controversial telephone monitoring system) receives little criticism, even for its massive surveillance of American citizens, from those who oppose big government. And those who support public assistance to the poor, elderly, and unemployed by and large oppose government intrusion into their lives.