cable companies want to repeat what they did in TV and we had

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July 24, 2013
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July 28, 2013

cable companies want to repeat what they did in TV and we had

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canada goose outlet uk Imagine if Chevy, Ford, and Dodge were the only companies selling cars in the US. Now imagine if they also owned all the roads. canada goose outlet uk

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canada goose outlet nyc canada goose factory sale Options? Well, I guess you could just not canada goose clearance go to the next town over. But what if that where the nearest hospital is? Or your closest relatives you want to visit? Or the latest concert? Guess you going to have to pay, and deal with the speed restrictions. Keep educating them, the more they understand how net works the better. Comparing it to telephone lines where canada goose uk outlet you need to pay for each and buy canada goose jacket cheap every number a different rate. Cable TV is actually closest but that is something that people will defend fiercely because of ideological reasons cheap canada goose uk that they most likely have never really thought about (how are they going to make quality programming if we don pay? The answer being a total revolution how cable tv operates to be more like internet but that is too long answer and also: it is exactly why net neutrality is been destroyed. cable companies want to repeat what they did in TV and we had perfect system to replace that and give all that freedom to the audience instead choosing what they want to see. Try explaining that without sounding like a hippie communist but that is the truth. canada goose outlet nyc

canada goose outlet canada So, keep explaining the way they understand it even half correct cause public has NO IDEA what is happening. They really have the idea that getting rid of it is the correct way of doing this, that “net neutrality” is some commie scheme and is stifling everything. Lies is what they canada goose outlet have been taught and you should be able to fix that “on the side”. Good luck :)In a perfect world, I would be against regulation in the financial industry. However, this is not a perfect world. There is too much fraud and unprovable collusion. Look at the subprime mortgage disaster. That all came Canada Goose Online from deregulation of the banks, which started under Clinton and continued under Bush (for the most part, I liked Bush, but that one was stupid). Back in the day, you had to qualify for a loan/mortgage. During the subprime push, they were handing out money to anyone. If you haven seen it, the movie The Big Short does a good job of explaining this. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose factory outlet Outside of finance, I believe certain other industries need regulation. Biggest for me is any canada goose clearance sale utility. I was just a child at the time, but I old enough to remember the energy crisis in California that led to brownouts and blackouts. That was only possible because the state deregulated the energy industry, Canada Goose sale and energy companies basically manufactured an energy shortage to drive up price. (Ok, this is a severe oversimplification, but I believe the point still stands. The crisis wouldn have happened without the deregulation.)You know, I don really see the special snowflake crowd a whole lot other than the (admittedly loud) minority on the Internet. As for real life, I know a couple transgender people and really, they just trying to exist. They don change their gender canadian goose jacket every week, they don blow up at being called canada goose uk shop the wrong thing. canada goose factory outlet

canada goose outlet reviews The backlash on Canada Goose Jackets the other hand is out of control. Everyone is so “goddamn tired of this PC culture” that apparently is blowing up. I know so many people that say canada goose how tired of it they are and I don understand the issue. Your gender specific washroom isn going anywhere, just let people be happy canada goose outlet reviews.