I thought it’s just a nomination and I didn’t take it

I a guy, but most of my close friends are girls
October 22, 2014
Untreated, leishmaniasis can create large, festering wounds,
October 24, 2014

I thought it’s just a nomination and I didn’t take it

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The problem is, I dont really know what to brew next. There are only so much interesting stuff I have access to. The problem is I dont have easy access to sets before Origins, which high quality designer replica severely limits my jank potential. I love that this show is taking as much a metaphorical bent on hauntings as a literal one. They not considering it from Steve point of view. If we got the past 10 years from his POV, with his brother being an addict, lying to his family for a decade, stealing from his family for a decade, then they still after all this and all they let happen pay thousands and thousands of dollars to get him into this clinic and after ONE MONTH of being supposedly fine, he comes for dinner and brings a friend(also addict) who is laughing and talking about being addicted to the get well centers and bringing up uncomfortable topics like children.

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