It went from large party to borderline riot in ten seconds

We spent $300 on food and it was not great at all
June 26, 2014
We’ve moved steadily away from demanding Assad’s ouster
June 28, 2014

It went from large party to borderline riot in ten seconds

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The demise of Pepe who had become a symbol of the alt right, neo Nazis and white nationalists was as sad as it was unlikely. Pepe, from the start, was supposed to be a good guy. “He’s a 20 something post college roommate,” Furie told NPR. “We have coal linkages for the rest of our projects either through import or fuel supply agreement with Coal India Ltd. Hence, our power projects have not been affected at all by the alleged coal scam. In addition, we have made arrangements for evacuating power by setting up large power transmission lines from our plants to the grid.

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