“I don’t think Americans put things really in perspective

” Trump, helpfully, retweeted the tweet
June 7, 2014
You and I obviously share an understanding
June 10, 2014

“I don’t think Americans put things really in perspective

Dean Rock profited from Kerry fouling and teams need to beware of giving away a free to the champions within 45 metres. He does not miss the easy ones and gets most of the hard ones too. His kicking into the gale in the second half was just fantastic and he is probably Dublin’s most valuable player right now.

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“Trump will find himself isolated more and more,” said Bindi. “I don’t think Americans put things really in perspective. They tend to think history is 10 years ago, and tend to think America’s leading role in the world is given and it’s going to be there for the rest of time and this is not going to happen.”.

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