These mothers will need support and mentorship around taking

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December 8, 2013
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December 9, 2013

These mothers will need support and mentorship around taking

If your trips to the powder room have become more infrequent then you should beware of dehydration. If you are pregnant this could be a symptom of toxemia or preeclampsia, call the doctor. Decrease of urination can also mean water retention, check for swelling.

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I’ve spent years asking and last year, Buzzfeed did the same thing, producing a video, How Much to Guys Know About Birth Control, with results that, while funny, are actually pretty appalling. For women, acquiring safe and affordable birth control usually means spending time and money and making multiple trips to doctor and then a pharmacy. At any point, multiple people have the power to deny a woman, based on their own opinions, effective and safe choices.

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