The dealer has demonstrated a keen eye for spotting talent and

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November 27, 2013
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The dealer has demonstrated a keen eye for spotting talent and

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costume jewelry For a stylish accent to your bedroom or closet, consider an over door mirror armoire, which hangs over your door and displays a full length shatterproof mirror when closed. Inside, a system of hooks, slots, and compartments can store up to 180 different pieces of jewelry. There even a small mirror so you don have to close the armoire to check your jewelry. costume jewelry

wholesale jewelry The Brooklyn Bead Box is focused on helping anyone and everyone design and create their own jewelry. In other words, beginners are totally welcome. The Cobble Hill store provides the tools, but you’ll need to supply your own beads and lucky for you, there are millions to choose from on site. wholesale jewelry

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wholesale jewelry The brand new Centennial, Colorado location of Miro Jewelers features over 10,000 square feet of premium designer bridal rings, a hand selected array of top quality necklaces, bracelets, earrings, fashion rings, loose diamonds, and much more. In addition to the many designer bridal pieces, the new Centennial location of Miro Jewelers specializes in fashion jewelry pieces that start at $60, as well as comprehensive custom jewelry design services.When asked about the opening of their state of the art Centennial showroom, Miro Jewelers store manager Maria Miro said, “at Miro Jewelers we are committed to bringing the absolute best to our Denver area friends and are proud to continue to serve our community with our fabulous new Centennial location.” Adding, “with this added space, we are now able to offer more from fabulous designers such as Verragio, Danhov, Gravure, and even a large selection of our own Miro Designs, for our Centennial customers!”About Miro Jewelers:For over 50 years, Miro Jewelers has been a retailer of designer brand jewelry items including, engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion jewelry, as well as a selection of GIA certified loose diamonds. Located in the Cherry Creek shopping district of Denver and Centennial sterling silver charms, Colorado, Miro Jewelers is proud to service the Littleton, Westminster, Arvada, and Lakewood communities and offers a custom jewelry design services, financing plans, and comprehensive quality guarantees wholesale jewelry.