But if it turns out they meant this map, then “El oh el aheheh

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August 7, 2013
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August 9, 2013

But if it turns out they meant this map, then “El oh el aheheh

Lucioball is boring and I am not looking forward to the event

I think the whole mode should be revamped in that way.It would be very interesting if speed boost lasted Canada Goose Jackets forever but slowly drained your health, and switching to healing regained health, so you get kind of a “fatigue meter” for running in terms canada goose black friday sale of your health bar. cheap Canada Goose I don think running too much should kill you, but rather drain your health to 1 and prevent further speed boost effects until you heal more.I remember about 60% of my time spent in that mode was running, which means they could easily make lucio faster and up the number of scores to win which only makes the mode feel engaging. Unfortunately I don think any change would be as radical as mine because Canada Goose Outlet they Canada Goose Online want this mode, as well as all others, to focus heavily on strategy. Running will always be a large part of it because you think of what to do while running, much like the mandatory setup time of koth maps.Sometimes I think using Reinhardt canada goose uk shop in some kind of football mode would be hilarious and possibly more fun. Replace firestrike with a ball pass. Here hoping they fix it or make a new event this year.Lucioball has never felt as something terribly high priority or something that had a lot of customization canada goose factory sale put into it. Restrict hero pick to Lucio, restrict weapons and design a couple abilities that make sense (come the 2nd iteration of it), and put players in a giant football field. Of all the events it clearly had the least amount of effort put into it.(And I not saying that on purpose or bad or anything I believe it just had the shortest deadline in terms of putting some kind of event together, and it was never meant to be much. And it shows.)Blizz just created tons of assets for Korean buildings and backgrounds.That true, I didn even Canada Goose Parka consider that. After learning how expensive art can be canada goose clearance sale for games, especially 3D models, I be surprised if Blizzard didn reuse those newly made Canada Goose Coats On Sale assets.Jeff did say that he had a surprise for Korean players this summer and I doubt a Lucioball map that no one cares about is the end of it.Yeah I brought this up in another reply.But if it turns out they meant this map, then “El oh el aheheh.”faster lucios OR a smaller arena. too much time spent slowly jogging up to the ballsoundwave should https://www.canadagoosejacketsoutsale.com affect canada goose uk black friday players movement at least a little bit. either shoving opponents away a little or shoving the lucio who used it backwards canada goose outlet a littlemore variety in stage shape. we have 2 arenas as far as i can tell and they are identical. why make arenas for a character all about parkour and have nothing to Canada Goose online parkour off of? and both are just giant empty rectangles? wheres the stage thats on the cheap canada goose uk top of a hill with slopes going towards or away from the goals? wheres the giant pinball machine stage?I agree with points 2 and 3.Point 4 has the smash bros problem of affecting gameplay too much for competitive gameplay. That being said, I really want some cool, non uniform stages, especially ones with additional wallride surfaces.While I understand 1, and do feel like it is a bit slow, having much trouble with speed is actually a sign of low lucioball skill. The boost pads and wallriding allow you to easily traverse the court without having to use speed boost. Speed boost is only necessary when chasing the ball at very close range.I was just going to post this. Even at my record low ping of 23ms that buy canada goose jacket cheap is hard to maintain compared to about 60 average, booping the ball buy canada goose jacket in any form of lucioball is horrible.I had it all the ball incorrectly going 90 degrees left or right when only I boop it, melee not working, boop not working even on a stationary ball while lucio is physically touching it, replays not matching up with what my client shows, the ball physically going through me, the ball stuttering and flickering visually in and out of existence.I tested these out by playing goalie, which I have more canada goose success canada goose store at since every miss by the enemy eventually leads in a stationary ball that I can hit easier, and I make sure that none of uk canada goose the phenomena happens due to other players booping near me. Sadly, you couldn make a lucioball custom game last I tried, but I been meaning to make one just to show how buggy the mode is.

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